OUR Resource Hub

Off the back of many years working within marketing, digital media, agencies and various other businesses, Gone Digital has positioned itself as a Resource Hub in the local market allowing businesses to receive ON DEMAND services with no long term commitments. We’ve been running for 3 years and we hope to continue our growth going forward, offering all the relevant services available in the digital world.

Up steps Gone Digital.

We work under tight NDA’s to assist agencies and businesses in getting the work done, at a favourable margin and within deadline to ensure that not only is everybody happy, but the respective business is able to hold its head up high and the in house team are not feeling overwhelmed by the increased workload.

We have found that in most cases, it works out cheaper for a business to use Gone Digital than it is for the business to do the work in house.

Over the last 3 years, we have built up an incredibly strong footprint within the client and agency world.

In the local SA market, resources are hard to find and added to that the complex nature of the hiring process is leaving large gaps unfilled. Workloads are increasing and good people are hard to keep. Senior resources are opting to leave the businesses and junior resources are lacking mentorship. From a business point of view, we are noticing that all digital businesses are struggling to maintain margins, and as a result, its putting undue strain on the internal teams and people to “get work done”.

Freelancer looking for work

Are you a freelancer looking for work?

Ad-hoc Digital Marketing Resources

Is there job that you need ad-hoc people for?


Expand your pool of resources without taking on all the individual staff costs to ful ll short term projects.

Gone Digital resources are incentivised to complete tasks effectively and quickly to maximise their earnings.

Gone Digital is incentivised to produce excellent outputs 100% of the time to retain contracts.

Senior resources when needed with proven track record.

A partnership with one external provider to solve multiple needs with less admin.

Far greater knowledge base to draw on solve multiple needs with less admin. than what is possible to hire.

Gone Digital has access to enough resources to ensure no conflicts with clients and all resources work under strict NDA’s and SLA’s.

Cost effective way to grow your staff compliment to enable new client growth.

Low HR risk in the event of client losses.


Resources we call on daily to help you out on an ad-hoc basis.

Media strategists planners and buyers
Campaign Management
Performance Media
Social Media Strategists
Community Managers
Account management
Video and animation

Gone Digital is like the AirBnB of our time. On Demand Resources to suit our needs as and when we need allow us to scale up and down with ease


Driven by performance and ROI we add value to each & every client we work with.