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Data Supply

Market intelligence LinkBundle automates the data discovery and collection of all publicly available intel online, including that of leading third party data suppliers. This data offers you a wider view of your industry and competitors.

Data Integration

LinkBundle seamlessly integrates public, proprietary and supplier data within one interface. You see the full picture of your company’s performance, benchmarked against competitors. LinkBundle saves you huge amounts of time by aggregating solid information for you.

Visual Analysis

LinkBundle offers you standard and customisable dashboard reporting, so you can turn statistics into actionable insights, instantly. Through simple, yet highly effective visual analysis tools such as graphs and heat maps, you will start to ask questions you never considered before and find the answers you need.

LinkBundle is a Marketing SaaS Solution that answers the need for data supply, integration and visual analysis. It’s making waves in marketing intelligence.

Battling to understand the true ROI of your marketing? Can’t benchmark your ad spend or other critical digital activations against your competitors?

Then your data is not giving you the clarity you need: